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Around 5 years ago, I read for the first time a book in spanish called “Por un Scrum Popular”.

Before that moment, I had already started my path as Scrum Master but it was until I read that book that I understood the real power and responsibility of a Scrum Master. It was the first time I read something like that, it was a breath of fresh air. It showed how noble, people oriented and not at all selfish the profession could be. …

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Let the journey begin…

This is the story of John. A guy that goes to work everyday and does his best to be relevant. A guy that cares about his company and everyone inside it, he works extra hours and keeps his head down. A guy who is respected and who always finds a solution for any problem. A guy with ambition. He wants to succeed, NO, he NEEDS to succeed.

John was facing his first big challenge, a challenge so big that he was not able to sleep for nights. Let’s call it Problem X for the sake of this story. He was…

Some time ago, I published an article explaining how the original concept of Scrum Master is changing and going into a direction that me and others are not comfortable with. A direction towards processes, efficiency, rules, etc. We believed and still believe that a focus on people and nature is slowly being forgotten. We don’t want that to happen, at least for us, so we decided to rename our role internally and call it Scrum Master for the People.

We have been reflecting and focusing on people and we have seen amazing results in the last years. Today, we decided…

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I saw so many articles about working remote, that I feel people are desperate to hear about my tips. So here is my list of suggestions that I gathered during many years of experience:

1. Make sure you are not at the office. If you are there, go home, it doesn’t work if you are at the office
2. You will need a computer, internet and electricity, make sure they are available
3. Try to find a nice place to put your computer, if you have a table that would be fantastic. The floor can be hard and your bed might move…

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For those who didn’t hear it today at home, work or anywhere:

- You are special
- You are not alone
- Thank you
- It is ok
- I trust you
- Good job!
- You mean something to us
- We know you did your best, thank you
- We are happy to see you
- You make us better
- Even if you don’t believe it, you do matter

Sometimes is is hard for people to say it but it doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve one…

Thanks for reading,


One more day In which I didn’t do it,
I couldn’t reach my goals
I kept dreaming, doing nothing
Should I stop dreaming and accept I can’t do it?
But I did things today. Things that I wanted,
but not all my dreams.
Can you be happy like that? The time I use in something is time I can not use for another thing. I can’t enjoy it. There is stress, anxiety and no matter how much you do, there is a hole that can not be filled.

I believe now that some people are born dreamers. We travel in…

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Today, I am ok.
For just this time, I want to share, without more guilt , I am ok.
I talked with friends, I worked from home. I was a parent, I am ok.
For just some minutes I went outside. Oh! it was freezing. I am ok.
I am not worried, I want to rest, the day is over, I am ok.
My house is quiet, the streets are too. My fridge is running. I am ok.
And so I try to just forget. I hear my breathing. I am ok.
This dream continues and so our life. The play moves forward. I am ok.
I wish all people around my life
could find a moment
to feel just fine
it doesn’t matter
how the world will change
just say today:
I am ok.

Thanks for reading,


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Some time ago I reached my limit. I was tired of blaming myself: my flaws and defects. I got frustrated because nothing I did was working, I was not able to remove those defects and that was killing me. Until one day I decided to change my mindset: What if our defects actually make us better? What if they are actually important for us to develop?. As you can imagine it was easier as I though:

- I am selfish, and this let me create a family and have good friends
- I am egoist and this helped me not to…

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While working as a Scrum Master you have moments that are amazing and beautiful, when you see people do things they didn’t believe they can, when they grow, develop and become what they wanted to be, it fills your heart, it makes you smile.

But there are moments when the pain is big, when your sacrifice seems worthless, when you realise you gave more than you should have, unappreciated, you feel empty and you want to give up.

I think it is fair because no matter how sad you could be, the memory of the eyes of the people you helped, how they smiled for even one second makes it go away.

If you chose to be a Scrum Master, you made, in my opinion, a good choice.

Thanks for reading,


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During the years that I’ve been working as a Scrum Master, I’ve seen some typical mistakes that disrupt a Scrum team. They slow the team down and prevent them from reaching their best level of performance. Because mistakes don’t necessarily surface at the beginning of a Scrum implementation, they are difficult to prevent, and sometimes they are even difficult to detect. I keep this list written down so that I can come back to it occasionally to make sure that we aren’t making these mistakes.

Mistake №1: Too many tasks in progress

Imagine this scenario: Your team has just started working with Scrum, and the number of…


Following a dream of helping companies become the best place to work. A place focused on people that accept the way we are with our flaws and virtues.

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